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Bountiful Router

The Most Powerful Wireless Router Allowed by Law. For five years Bountiful WiFi has pioneered superior wireless technology.

AP, Router, Bridge, Repeater
SNMP, VPN Passthrough, DMZ Hosting, Port Forwarding


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Five Units In One

  • Access Point, Router, Point-to-Point Bridge, Point-to-multipoint bridge, and wireless repeater.

Reaching The Outer Limits of 802.11b/g

  • Nearly 30 dBm, the limit  specified by current FCC Regulations.
  • 4X the range, up to a quarter mile of WiFi!
  • Extreme receive sensitivity of -95 dBm, even weak clients can be heard.

Highly manageable and extremely robust

  • Port Forwarding, SNMP, Quad SSID, Disable SSID, Remote Admin, DMZ Hosting and much more!!!
  • 4 LAN ports and one WLAN connection.
  • VPN-Pass through, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2, WEP, and 802.1x to ensure
    300 Mac Address Filtering…..
  • WDS : Bridge and Repeater

    With unprecedented signal strength, and its rich features, Bountiful is an "easy to manage" premium wireless router. Whether you are looking to deploy a complex wireless network for a small-large business, or you are  seeking an easy to use out of the box home solution with free technical support, Bountiful WiFi’s BWRG 1000 offers an abundant and constant performance.

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Popular Reviews on the Most Powerful Long Range Router

Network World Review: The Most Powerful Long Range Wireless Router
unknownByTom Henderson,Network World,10/31/05

In testing the Bountiful Router, we found a feature set similar to many other business-class Wi-Fi routers. But unlike other routers we've tested, the Bountiful Router's signal strength (and receiver sensitivity) expand the radius normally thought of for 802.11b/g service.Once installed, a very sensitive radio receiver matched the 1-watt output of the Bountiful Router (through its twin antennas). This means that the strong Wi-Fi signal that the unit generates can be "heard " for a long distance, and the Bountiful Router is still able to hear client signals from comparatively far distances. The added power of the router became very appealing before our radiological testing, and the sensitivity of the receiver means that our axial Wi-Fi range was mightily extended. Click here to read more of Network World's Review

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CRN Review: The Most Powerful Wireless Long Range 

New Bountiful Router Gets Rid Of Signal-Strength Issues
By Marc Spiwak, CRN

3:00 PM EDT Fri. Oct. 28, 2005 CRN Test Center engineers set up a sample router with no problems at all, and the unit has been working flawlessly for several weeks. Most wireless routers output a signal that’s about 100 milliwatts in strength, but the Bountiful Router outputs nearly 1,000 milliwatts, which is the most powerful output allowed under FCC regulations. The unit also produces a lot less noise in its output than typical wireless routers. The combination of high signal strength and low noise makes for a coverage area that’s two to four times larger than typical routers. On top of that, a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) built into the router helps it receive signals from weak clients.... Click here to read more of CRN's review

Wiredmagazine: The Most Powerful Wireless Long Range 
							Wireless Router
Wired Magazine

If your wireless access point barely has enough power to cover a cramped city apartment, pump up the volume. This 802.11b and g router extends the range of most home networks with sheer brute force. It kicks out nearly 30 decibels of wireless signal (most routers stick to 15) with a full watt of power, pushing it to the FCC's upper limit for Wi-Fi gear. The increase hikes the theoretical range from 300 feet to nearly 1,200. Your hot spot just turned into a blast radius. Click here to see Wired Magazine's promotion of the Bountiful Router

Popular Science: The Most Powerful Long Range Wireless Router

Popular Science Review